Scratch2 is now available 6/15

Dear HPC users,
The new parallel file system, scratch2, is now available. You can access to the file system via /scratch2/ your_user_id . This new file system has 700TB of space and upgraded CPU from the previous /staging file system, providing better performance. Now both /scratch and /scratch2 are available for your use, we have total 1.5PB of disk space and we hope these systems provide you with enough work space until the new /project file system becomes available.

For those who are interested in technical spec of the new scratch2 file system, below is average reading and writing performance (aggregated):

  • Max Write: 21001.24 MiB/sec (22021.39 MB/sec)
  • Max Read: 24729.60 MiB/sec (25930.86 MB/sec)

Thank you, and I hope you and your household are safe and well.