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Check here for any announcements or news related to the CARC and our systems.

CARC Team Blog

The CARC Team Blog category is a place for you to meet the CARC team and learn about our backgrounds, our interests, and what we’ve been working on. Feel free to comment, discuss, and share!

Anything Computing

Post about anything related to research computing here!

Discovery Cluster

The Discovery category is a place to discuss your experiences with our new high-performance computing cluster.

Data Management

The Data Management category is the place to discuss the CARC’s storage file systems and services for data management and data transfers.

Software and Programming

The Software and Programming category is a place to discuss different programming languages (Python, R, MATLAB, etc.) and using them on CARC systems, the different software available to you, and navigating the Lmod software module system.

Biomedical Research

The Biomedical and Bioinformatics Research category is a place to discuss tools, databases, genomes, and other topics related to the biomedical field.

CARC Feedback

We’d love to get feedback from you on our website, this Discourse user forum, our user portal, etc. Please use this channel to tell us about your experiences and suggest any topics you’d like us to cover!