2023 Condo Cluster Program Purchases

CARC is taking requests for the Condo Cluster Program Purchase Model starting today, January 27 until February 10.

This traditional system purchase model is useful for research groups that need to make a bulk purchase using a research grant or departmental budget. It is also useful for grant proposal budget planning purposes. The purchase model is available in addition to the annual subscription model, which allows PIs to subscribe to their desired nodes on an annual basis. In both models, PIs have access to their nodes on the Endeavour cluster, which are completely dedicated for their own jobs without the job limits and resource restrictions present in the general-use Discovery cluster nodes.

New purchases are requested via the purchase form on the Condo Purchase Requests page under the “Project” tab. See the Request New Condo Purchase user guide for detailed instructions on how to complete this form. Once your request comes through the user portal, the CARC team will reach out to you for further discussion and order finalization.

Note: The deadline for system purchase requests is February 10, 2023.

Nodes purchased will be added to the Endeavour condo cluster, which is a high-performance computing cluster designated specifically for the Condo Cluster Program. Endeavour users will enjoy the same advanced computing capabilities, fast speeds, and software stack that the Discovery cluster offers.

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