2023 Deprecated Software Removals

The following modules are deprecated and will be removed next week:


This module and associated software stack has been replaced with gcc/11.3.0 and its associated software stack.

For users of the r/4.1.2 module, this R version has been re-installed under the gcc/11.3.0 module. It can be loaded with the following:

module load gcc/11.3.0 openblas/0.3.20 r/4.1.2

Previously installed R packages for this version should continue to work, but may need to be re-installed in some cases. A newer r/4.2.1 module is also available.


If you previously used this anaconda3 module, switch to the conda/4.12.0 module and reset your shell to use this Conda version with the following:

module purge
module load conda/4.12.0
mamba init bash

After running these commands, log out and back in. This change will not impact your previously installed Conda environments.


Newer versions of MATLAB are now available.

jdk currently also depends on gcc/11.2.0. Will you be doing a re-install for jdk?

@mruggeri I installed JDK 17.0.5 as a core module, so you can load it directly: module load jdk/17.0.5

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