Additional files getting added to folders

I am noticing that additional files like boot and data are getting added to folders.
These files are added automatically and I am not able to remove them.
Directory: /scratch1/arunbaal/divya

Hi there,

I took a look at that directory and the directories in question are owned by your username. Most likely they were created by a program you were running.They appear to be rpm files that a package manager would use to install software. If you want to delete them you will have to add “write” permission to the boot directory.

ls -lh /scratch1/arunbaal/divya
total 1.0K
dr-xr-x--- 5 arunbaal arunbaal 7 Apr 17 21:57 boot
drwxr-x--- 3 arunbaal arunbaal 1 Apr 17 21:57 data

You can do this by running chmod o+w boot. That should allow you to run rm -r boot. Note that adding the -r option to rm can be dangerous as it will recursively delete everything in a directory so be extra sure that you want that directory gone.