Announcing the new project file system

We are pleased to announce that our new project file system has now been installed and is ready for your use.

The new file system, /project, replaces our previous /rcf-proj file system that had been in a read-only state since April. The BeeGFS/ZFS high-performing parallel /project file system has a capacity of 8.4 PB of usable space and each project’s directory has a default quota of 5 TB, which can be increased to 10 TB, if needed, at no cost.

You can find more information on the project file system in our Storage File Systems user guide.

Detailed instructions for the migration can be found here: Migrating your data from rcf-proj to the new project file system

The deadline for migration is October 5 at midnight. After this deadline, /rcf-proj will be taken offline.

We have extended the deadline to Sunday, October 11 before midnight. If you haven’t already done so, please complete your data migration this week/this weekend.