Bashrc not updating


Some of the problems I’ve noticed after transitioning over to discovery is that I can’t update my bashrc without getting the “argument is too long error.” Is this something people have been experiencing as well?

Can you please share how you’re updating your .bashrc file?

Hi Cesar,

I’m doing the standard vim ~/.bashrc then adding in the PATH. For example, export PATH=$PATH:~/new/amzaleg/tools/cellranger-4.0.0:$PATH. For some reason, when I’ve tried to ddto the PATH recently, I’ve been getting an “argument too long error” after I source the bashrc after adding to it.

It looks like you’re doubling the size of your PATH variable. Could you try this:

# Remove $PATH from end
export PATH=$PATH:~/new/amzaleg/tools/cellranger-4.0.0