Exit Codes and Their Meanings

Is there a place where one can find a dictionary of slurm exit codes and their meanings?

For reference, a guide for exit codes:

  • 0 → success
  • non-zero → failure
  • Exit code 1 indicates a general failure
  • Exit code 2 indicates incorrect use of shell builtins
  • Exit codes 3-124 indicate some error in job (check software exit codes)
  • Exit code 125 indicates out of memory
  • Exit code 126 indicates command cannot execute
  • Exit code 127 indicates command not found
  • Exit code 128 indicates invalid argument to exit
  • Exit codes 129-192 indicate jobs terminated by Linux signals
    • For these, subtract 128 from the number and match to signal code
    • Enter kill -l to list signal codes
    • Enter man signal for more information

Hi Derek,
I just got this error message when running GATK Markduplicates:

srun: error: e16-06: task 0: Exited with exit code 247

I wonder what the code 247 means?

I checked your reply above, but still don’t know how to interpret this. I suppose this is not related to error in job, but is about Linux signals?


@kerenxu That exit code appears to be specific to the software you are using. However, I checked your project files and the group permissions are incorrect on some of them and that would cause disk write issues. See the following post for a fix: How to fix "disk quota exceeded" error