Have you tried out our CARC OnDemand web service yet?

At the end of April, we launched a new web-based access point, CARC OnDemand, for the CARC /home, /project, and /scratch directories and the Discovery and Endeavour HPC clusters. It features a graphical user interface and intuitive design, making it ideal for those users that don’t have a lot of experience with CARC systems or command-line utilities. You can access OnDemand directly in your web browser rather than using the command-line terminal.

CARC OnDemand gives users the ability to access their CARC directories, upload/download/edit files, submit jobs to the Discovery and Endeavour clusters, and check the status of jobs currently running on the clusters. CARC OnDemand also features a text editor and shell access.

We’ve created a comprehensive user guide for CARC OnDemand, which you can view on our website:

If you’re more of a visual learner, we also have a video walkthrough:

If you’ve tried out this new service, leave us your feedback below! :slight_smile: