'Host does not exist' error when logging in

Since last night, I haven’t been able to log in on any discovery.usc.edu node. It says:

“Unable to open connection to discovery.usc.edu Host does not exist”

I am able to log in to a transfer node though.

I’m using Putty on a PC and it has always worked before. Am I doing something wrong? Just double checking.


You need to connect to the USC VPN. See the following link:

Link: https://www.carc.usc.edu/user-information/user-guides/hpc-basics/anyconnect-vpn-setup

Hi, thanks for the reply! Sorry about that silly mistake. I have since logged into the VPN using Cisco AnyConnect. It now does not show me the “host does not exist” error and I see the Welcome message pop up when I enter my password. However, it doesn’t go to the 2FA part, so I am stuck at this welcome message. I’ve checked that my PuTTY session has forwarding enabled under the X11 part of SSH on the side. Do you have anymore advice?

Thank you,

Hi, just an update - I logged into a transfer node and restored my .bashrc backup. I had edited my .bashrc Friday and I guess something I did was messing my login up to Discovery because when I restored my .bashrc to my previous version, logging on to discovery2.usc.edu was normal again and it did the 2FA.

No further help is needed. Thank you!