How to configure the Nano text editor

The easiest text editor to learn and use on Discovery is Nano. To use it, enter module load nano to load the editor and then nano to open a new file. To open an existing file, enter nano </path/to/file> (e.g., nano jl.job).

Like most applications, Nano has default settings but it can be configured by the user to enable or disable features. For example, the default view includes a help menu at the bottom of the editor and does not include line numbers:

The editor features can be changed by setting options in a ~/.nanorc configuration file. For example, the following configuration file adds line numbers and removes the bottom help menu:

set linenumbers
set nohelp

The editor would then look like this:

The full list of available configuration options can be viewed here. Additionally, improved syntax highlighting for various programming languages can be enabled with the add-ons found here.

Additional resources:

Nano documentation
Nano cheatsheet


This is nice, I didn’t realize nano had such a wide community of extenisions