How to wait until the job is finished?


I am running a bash file to submit several lumerical jobs. The file runs a for loop to submit jobs. I want to wait until the the job is finished. Is there a way to get job ID of the job just started and wait until it is done and then submit the next job? I tried using wait command but somehow could not extract job ID.

Currently I am just using watch command and manually terminate it using Ctrl+C aso that the loop can continue.

My bash file is something like this-


for k in {1..100};
	 do temp="${k}";
         #echo $fname;
	 runFDTD_discovery $fname 2:00:00 1 1 10;
	 watch -n 1 squeue --user=aghaneka


Hi Alok,

It sounds like you want to submit 100 jobs but don’t want to run them until the previous one has completed. Is that correct? If so, you can use Slurm’s --dependency option. You would have to modify runFDTD_discovery to include this option and you also need a way to pass the previous job ID to the next job.

Here’s an example of how you might use it


# Get first job id

jid=$(sbatch job1.slurm | cut -d ' ' -f4)

# Remainder jobs
for k in {2..100};
    do temp="${k}"
        jid=$(sbatch --dependency=afterok:${jid} job${k}.slurm | cut -d ' ' -f4)

Note that normally submitting a job returns a message similar to

Submitted batch job 778328

So the cut -d ' ' -f4 portion will return the 4th string (job id) using ’ ’ as a delimter.

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Thanks lot. @raudhkha modified the runFDTD_discovery to generate slurm files without submitting the job. And then using the job submittal script you suggested, we are able to queue the jobs one by one.