Issue with picard module

It seems like there are permission issues with the install of the picard module - I got this error on my first job to use this module:
Error: Unable to access jarfile /spack/apps/linux-centos7-x86_64/gcc-8.3.0/picard-2.20.8-gk2cwnju7ade672q6y76izdaszu5xbex/bin/picard.jar/picard.jar

Can you double check the permissions?

How do you get this error? After using the picard command? Could you share your job script? That path is incorrect; there’s an extra /picard.jar on the end. It should be:


Also, when you load the picard module it creates an environment variable $PICARD with this path, which you could use instead.

I checked the permissions and those are fine.