Jupyter Notebook on VSCode

I allocate resources from the cluster, but I can’t run jupyter notebook on local machine VSCode. It gives me ipykernel not existing error. How do I use jupyter notebooks on my local machine while using cluster resources?

Thank you.

@serbetci It’s not possible on CARC clusters. To use Jupyter notebooks, you would have to use the JupyterLab or VS Code apps via CARC OnDemand.

Thanks for the response. So there is no way I can use my own local VSCode to run jupyter notebooks? Only thing that I can do is running VScode app on CARC onDemand website, right?

Right. The notebook running on your local computer does not have access to the compute node resources. With OnDemand, you could use the JupyterLab or Code Server or VS Code or Desktop apps to run Jupyter notebooks on the compute nodes.