Newly created file/directory with wrong group id

When I create a new file or directory under my working directory /project/scec_608, the group id is my user id, instead of the correct group owner id scec_608, and won’t let me write new files (vim error E512).

Even though I manually changed group id using chgrp command after creating files/directories, I still encounter error in writing files (vim error E667).

Please advise how to fix this issue. Thanks very much!

@xiaofenm Sounds like the default permissions are not set for some reason. Try a set of commands like the following:

chgrp -R ttrojan_123 /project/ttrojan_123
find /project/ttrojan_123 -type d -exec chmod g+s {} \;

Make sure to substitute the correct group ID and project directory or subdirectory path.