Permission denied

I am trying to migrate my data to the new discovery servers but when go to my PI project is says I do not have permission to enter it also /project/myPI does not appear when I enter myquota, I am listed as a manager in the project but still cannot access or make a directory how can I solve this issue ?

Hi Andres,

I see that you are a member of that project group, so you should be able to access it. To confirm, are you using cd /project/jzhong_586/?

Hi Derek

yes I am(see bellow) the strange thing is that I can access with hpc-trasfer1 but not hpc-transfer

[astucky@hpc-transfer ~]$ cd /project/jzhong_586/
-bash: cd: /project/jzhong_586/: Permission denied

Thank you for your help


Hi Andres,

So the issue was that you were not part of the group jzhong_586 on hpc-transfer, but we’ve updated it. Please try again and you should be able to transfer files now.