Remove Data from /scratch Directories

The /scratch2 file system is at 91% of its capacity. Please remove any unnecessary data from your /scratch2 directory as soon as possible. Files can be deleted or transferred to your /project directory instead. We will perform a data purge on /scratch2 unless we see a significant reduction of data volume in the file system.

Keep in mind that the scratch file systems are intended only for temporary and intermediate data storage, not for long-term storage. The majority of your data should be stored in your /project directory.

As a reminder, the higher-capacity /scratch1 file system is up and running. It is available to use for your future jobs. Doing so will also aid in reducing the data volume for /scratch2.

Additionally, the retired /scratch file system is currently available for read-only files on hpc-transfer1 & 2. However, /scratch will be unmounted from hpc-transfer1 & 2 by the end of this week. Please move your files out of that directory as soon as possible to avoid data loss.

For instructions on removing your data, please see CARC’s User Guides. If you encounter any issues, you can submit a help ticket.