Remove Unnecessary Data From Your /scratch Directory Now

The /scratch file system has reached almost 90% of its capacity and we ask that you please remove unnecessary data from your /scratch directory as soon as possible. You can delete unnecessary files or transfer files to your /project directory.

This has been an ongoing problem lately. We remind you that the scratch file systems (/scratch and /scratch2) are intended for temporary and intermediate data storage, but not for long-term storage. You should be storing the majority of data in your /project directory. While you’re removing unnecessary data from /scratch, please also do the same for /scratch2 to prevent that system from reaching its capacity. If the amount of data in these file systems continues to increase, we will be forced to reinstate the data purging policy on the scratch file systems.

If you need help removing your data or you encounter issues, please see our website’s User Guides or submit a help ticket.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.