Scheduled CARC System Maintenance - November 6, 2020

We will be performing a second scheduled maintenance on Friday, November 6, beginning in the morning.

During this time, we will be decommissioning both the old /home/rcf-proj file system and the old HPC cluster’s main partition. This means that, after November 6, you will no longer be able to access any data still stored in /home/rcf-proj or run any jobs on the old HPC cluster. In other words, you will only be able to use the new Discovery cluster for your jobs after November 6. If you need more information on using Discovery, please see our Getting Started with Discovery user guide.

During this maintenance period, all other systems (Discovery, /project, and the /scratch and /scratch2 file systems) will still be accessible.

This decommission is why we have set a deadline of October 11 for the data migration from /home/rcf-proj to the new /project file system. If you have not already completed that migration, you can find instructions here.

Note: If you have condo nodes on the old HPC cluster, we will reach out to you at a later date to discuss condo node retirement plans.