Tmux cant reconnect to server; TMUX_TMPDIR bug

Currently tmux that we get from module load tmux has its temp dir as

The issue is it is the same on both the clusters: discovery and endeavour
The tmux processes on these head nodes try to use the same socket file /scratch2/$USER/tmux-<some_num>/default because the file system is shared.

It looks like one process overwrites the socket of the other.
For instance, if I use tmux on endeavour1, my tmux on discovery1 fails to reconnect, and vice versa

Thanks for looking into this. There’s a lot of flexibility in what we can do thanks to Lmod. For example we added a custom environment setting to set TMUX_TMPDIR=/scratch2/$USER.

It’s trivial to make it TMUX_TMPDIR=/scratch2/$USER/tmux/$HOSTNAME but that might mess up current tmux sessions. We’ll have to send out an announcement but for now, you can manually add in the hostname.

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Thanks for fixing this. I see that my TMUX_TMPDIR variable has been updated on endeavour

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Well that is the wrong configuration. If I login in endeavour I want to reconnect to my TMUX session no matter if I end up in endeavour1 or endeavour2… When I load the tmux module sessions are created in different directories. I can’t possibly keep track if worked in endeavour1 or endeavour2. Can you name that dir plain endeavour and plain discovery ? I am not sure if that would work.



Also I tried to fix this issue on my own by creating this file:

(0)> ll .tmux.conf
-rw-rw-r–. 1 manna manna 28 Apr 7 21:29 .tmux.conf
(0)> cat .tmux.conf

but it’s not being read once the tmux is loaded. Why ?


if your server is running on endeavour1 and the client is also on the same machine, then tmux works out of the box. I haven’t tried connecting tmux client to a tmux server on another machine. (Well I have tried in the past using iTerm client connect to tmux server on remote machine; but that’s a different setting)

Easy fix: always decide which node to login to: either or instead of letting a random prompt decide it via

Correct … that’s the only way.