Trouble Logging In to CARC Systems Using VSCode

When using VSCode, accessing the cluster via the Remote SSH extension may be blocked. This extension spawns too many processes on the login nodes, exceeding the process limit. Process limits are set in place to prevent the login nodes, as shared resources, from becoming saturated and sluggish. To read more about process limits on login nodes, see the Running Jobs on CARC Systems page.

Additionally, the processes started by Remote SSH are not properly killed after the user logs out of the application, which may lead to an account hold preventing the user from accessing the cluster, even from the terminal.

This will be an issue whether you are trying to log in to either Discovery or Endeavour.

We strongly recommend using the SSH-FS extension in VSCode instead. More information and the link to download this extension can be found here. Using SSH-FS will prevent the creation of extensive processes and the need to submit help tickets to regain access to the login nodes.