Viewing fastqc htmls on browser

Wasn’t sure where to put this question. How can I view the html reports generated from the fastqc program on the discovery cluster? I used to be able to just copy and paste the html generated into my browser and graphs come up, but now I cannot do this and nothing comes up on the browser. I haven’t been on the cluster for a few months, so not sure if something changed. Does anyone know how to view the html on my browser like I used to, or am I missing something obvious? Thanks!

@mnmorton I’m not familiar with the fastqc reports, but maybe the html and/or image files are not downloading correctly from your CARC directory to your local computer? What do you mean by copy and paste into the browser?

Another method to try is using Open OnDemand to view the html file. If you go to, then “Files”, then navigate to where the html report is, you should see it. If you click on on it and select ‘View’ it should pop up.

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Wow, I didn’t know this existed! Thank you so much. This is a great option and I was able to easily view the html report.