What is the policy of maximum jobs I can submit?

I recently submitted one job, but I received a reason of pending called QOSMaxJobsPerUserLiimit, which I suspect is due to hitting some policy limit. I just wonder how many jobs can I roughly submit at the same time so that I won’t hit the limit of maximum jobs I can submit?

Here is a table of our current limits on jobs.

Partition Maximum run time Maximum concurrent CPUs Maximum concurrent GPUs Maximum concurrent memory Maximum concurrent jobs running Maximum concurrent jobs queued
main 48 hours 2,000 36 500 5,000
epyc-64 48 hours 2,000 500 5,000
gpu 48 hours 400 36 36 100
oneweek 168 hours 208 50 50
largemem 168 hours 64 1000 GB 3 10
debug 1 hour 48 4 5 5

We change limits from time to time but you will be able to find an up to date version on our web page here: