DiffBind dba.count()

Currently, we are having problem with dba.count() function in DiffBind. Other functions are working well, but it seems that whenever we submit dba.count(), the job runs for very long time (149 hours), and just gets killed at the end.

Genome detected: Hsapiens.UCSC.hg19
Applying blacklist...
Removed: 3 of 14102 intervals.
Counting control reads for greylist...
Building greylist: reads/Chr18_BT474_input.bam
slurmstepd: error: *** JOB 585239 ON e11-35 CANCELLED AT 2021-06-15T11:21:12 DUE TO TIME LIMIT ***

Sample files that are used for Diffbind are not huge (biggest one is 27Mb), and are few, so I think the file sizes are not the issue here. I was wondering if anyone else is having similar problem with Diffbind’s dba.count()?