Please add imagemagick to cluster

I can’t find any way to view or interact with images with the currently available tools. The user should not have to scp an image to their local machine just to view it.

imagemagick solves this and many other image-processing related tasks. I could not find it in the available modules.

ImageMagick is now available as a module. You can load it with module load imagemagick.

Please note that X11 forwarding will be slow for viewing images, so it will probably be faster to use an sftp connection to copy the images to your local machine. Using sftp only requires authenticating once to Discovery while maintaining an active connection, as opposed to requiring authentication every time with scp or rsync commands.

Computing clusters like Discovery are designed for batch processing and not graphical use. However, we are working on a hybrid cloud computing service that will be designed for graphical use, which will be launched later this year.


That hasn’t been my experience with SFTP though. I have tried using sshfs to mount directories on discovery to a local mount using sshfs (which uses SFTP behind the scenes) and my connection is killed every few minutes…

sshfs is not recommended, the sshd server will disconnect any idle connection every 20 mins. pleas let us know what you are trying to do, we can help you set something up.

I really don’t know where you (CARC people) got the idea that X11 is slow ?? Where ? I’ve been using X11 for 30 years and it has been more than adequate. It was adequate at 1Mbps let alone at 1Gbps in campus connections. Not being able to run Matlab via X11 is limiting our research goals.