Trouble installing modules via pip

Hi all!

I am trying to install MACS2 software for ChIP-seq peakcalling using the following command:

pip install macs2 --user

It keeps booting me out with a “Getting requirements to build wheel did not run successfully” message.
I have also tried installing this package directly using a conda environment, as well as different versions of python/pip/pip3, but run into the same message (although sometimes, I get a “getting requirements to build editable did not run successfully” message.

Any advice or people having similar problems installing packages? Screenshot of the entire command & output below! Thanks!

Hi there,

Based on the message:

error: subprocess-exited-with-server

It looks like you encountered the process limit on the the login node. Please try again but from an interactive session like so

salloc --ntasks=4 --time=00:30:00
module load usc python
pip install macs2 --user

That should hopefully be all you need to do but please do let me know the result.

Hi Cesar - this did end up working! Thank you so much for the help.